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Dried Cantharellus cibiricus

Size:Cap diameter:0.5--5.0cm
fresh black truffle

Size:1.5-3.0cm,3.0-4.5cm,4.5-6.0cm and more than 6.0cm
fresh king oyster(eryngii)

fresh winter shiitake

Dried Porcini(boletus edulis)

It's known for the unparalleled taste and rich nutrition (protein, mineral and vitamin), also highly valued for medical purpose.

Description: fresh summer shiitake(cut stem)
Feature: In hot summer from July to Oct. only the climate of East Fujian, China is suitable for shiitake to grow up.So in this time,the growing shiitake is also called summer shiitake.
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Description: fresh summer shiitake(whole stem)
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Description: dried flower shiitake
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Description: fresh flower shiitake
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Description: dried flower shiitake with stalk
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